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August 30th, 2006

Caption: Three-leg speaks to one-eye. noise made by three-leg does not necessarily conform to word.
Marv Newland animation art

Over the years I saved a lot of Marv Newland’s animation art because I like his drawing so much.

The way we would work on MTV and Nickelodeon 10 second network ID’s is that a favorite animator or production company (like Marv’s International Rocketship, San Francisco’s Colossal Pictures, or Washington DC’s Broadcast Arts) would pitch us rough storyboards (since they were already favorite creative partners, we would guarantee a certain amount of IDs up front, and then work out the creative from there). Our Tom Pomposello would make comments and then show all the treatments to Alan and I before we showed the network. Sometimes we’d start with a soundtrack (at Nickelodeon it was often an acapella track from our favorite singer, Eugene Pitt of the Jive Five), sometimes not.

Mostly Marv gave us a few drawings (sometimes sequences, often just cool images) and describe the film. We liked to ‘yes’ as often as possible to Marv.


Caption: One-eye responds to three-leg.
Marv Newland animation art

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