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Bill Plympton, cartoonist and animator.

September 5th, 2006


You all know Bill Plympton as the world’s leading indie animator, author/cartoonist, and, of course, Channel Frederator contributor. What I’m not so sure of is whether everyone knows none of this came easily; Bill is one of the hardest working people I know. Yes, he has a unique vision, but he has kicked and scraped, and done whatever he could to finance his independence.

After starting as a panel cartoonist at Screw Magazine, he started doing animated films and used commercial work to fund his enterprises. A logical first stop was MTV, where, in the 1980s, indie New York filmmakers found a friendly home. Bill pitched this storyboard to Fred/Alan’s Tom Pomposello when we were still involved as consultants in the 10-second network identifications. We never produced it (I swear, it was the client’s fault!), but Abby Terkuhle, our successor at the network, made many memorable IDs with Mr. P.


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I will point out that Bill is currently wrapping up production on one of this season’s Random! shorts, “Gary Guitar”. We’ve just seen a rough cut, and I can only describe it as quintessentially Plymptonesque while sincerely and unironically for kids. And the music is absolutely wonderful.


And I guess we should point out that mr high and mighty elected not to do a gary guitar blog, that bum!

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