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David Lubell, animator.

September 5th, 2006


David Lubell somehow showed up in my NY office in the mid-1980s and showed me a pencil test of his animated film of Cab Calloway singing his classic Minnie the Moocher. It was Fleischer-like and cartoon-y at a time when such a thing was out of fashion, so we hired him immediately to start working on 10-second animated Nickelodeon network identifications. Working with our friend and producer Tom Pomposello Dave immediately got in the spirit of things. We partnered him with our grooving Nickelodeon signature acappella tracks which were sung, and often written, primarily by Eugene Pitt and The Jive Five (though in Dave’s films we sometimes put Eugene together with our friend, singer-songwriter Juli Davidson).

[link:Here’s one of my favorite IDs Dave made with us and you can see some more of his Nickelodeon art and animation here and at his own site.


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