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Fred Mogubgub, animator and painter.

September 5th, 2006


Fred Mogubgub is a little known New York animator who came to some prominence in the 1960s with a quick editing pop-art kind of style. A lot of his work (including these* spots we were lucky he did for our agency in 1988) relied on individual paintings animated together to illuminate the story. He was a wonderful guy who died young (at 61 years old in 1989), someone who kept everyone in great spirits.


*By the way, the music track here was composed and performed by the incredible Mac Rebennack, aka Dr. John.

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I was a friend of Freddie in the late ’70s and bought a painting from him at a gallery show. I was wondering if it had increased in value since then. It is not his usual style at all - very representational, but quite lovely.


Nope. But I’d be interested in seeing it.


My boyfriend was a friend of Fred Mogubgub, and told me about his huge painting, Virgina’s Garden. Cannot find it anywhere. Do you know of it; or where a photo can be found?


It was scheduled to be hung in the World Trade Center in the 70s, but they got in a new art buyer before the deal was finalized and never hung there.

I was last seen stored in dozens of pieces in the closet of a high rise housing development by JFK airport on Pennsylvania Avenue.


To Richard O’Connor:

I can’t seem to put the picture into this blog. Give me an email address and I will send you a picture of the painting


Again to Richard O’Connor. Here is mine

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