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“Milk Dreams” by ‘Pat’ Ventura: Channel Frederator Featured Film

September 28th, 2006

Channel Frederator, Episode 49

‘Pat’ Ventura has been one of my cherished cartoon companions since I got into the business in 1992. He was on my Hanna-Barbera Cartoons staff writing for Joe Barbera’s Tom & Jerry Kids Show when John Kricfalusi introduced us and suggested I talk to Pat about a revival of Screwball Squirrel. Pat went on to be the first creator I made shorts with and was the person responsible for convincing me that in cartoons “short” meant “7 minutes” (I wanted to make them three minutes!).

After a great re-invention of Tex Avery’s George & Jr, his original Yucky Duck and Sledgehammer O’Possum (which got me in a bunch of trouble), Pat came over with us to Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Soon you’ll be hearing about his Random! Cartoons short.


This week on Channel Frederator we’re featuring my favorite cartoon of Pat’s: Jamal the Funny Frog and his little sister Penny the Tadpole. Unique character design, brilliantly subtle background paintings, and sublime voice characterizations set off funny and heartwarming relationships, and it’s all topped off with classic, vintage needle drop orchestras. Pat’s one of the few contemporary filmmakers who’s as influenced by silent films and the Fleischer brothers as by Tex Avery and Looney Tunes.


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I love pat’s stuff. great stuff. can’t wait to see his dangerous ducks in action.


Yeah I gotta say Jamal is the best of Pat’s really great stuff! The first Jamal is pure vintage gold. It’s funny, unique, cartoony and imaginative. It’s exactly like a classic 30’s cartoon with a 90’s sesibility! I am honestly quite surprised that Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon hasn’t given him a show yet. He’s so unique and that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Odd.


More Pat cartoons! They are amazing! I really loved Yuckie Duck and Sledgehammer o’ Possum!!! Please Fred, make it happen!!!


Please make yuckie duck and slegehammer o possum have there own shows. THEY ARE really funny and insprition to tex avery. Pat you are like the mordern tex avery


Hey man i argee that should happen as well . a mordern tex avery is what he is


yes more pat cartoons——–a true cartoonist.


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