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Miles Thompson/pt.1

October 23rd, 2006


Miles Thompson is a Frederator Alum who made a successful jump from the Animation Industry into the world of Art.
In between freelancing and painting like a madman, he took the time to give us a few A’s to a few CH.FRED Q’s.

CH.F: Where were you born?
MT: 1971, on a naval base in Pennsicola, Fl - being that my folks were Ca natives, I was legally born as such - my dad was stationed there for only 4 months after my birthday - then we moved back to Sherman Oaks, Ca and then on into the ugly Republican community of the OC.

Sketchbook Nov/Dec 2005
How long have you been animating/drawing/painting?
I started animating in 1990 at CIA the first week I got to school though flipbooks were huge with me since forever. All of my book edges had lots of sword/gun fighting stick figures that always ended with the addition a red pencil to render blood - someone losing a head or getting gutted or cut in 2 - there was never a time when I wasn’t into drawing - I had more than 4 semesters of painting in high school and have been painting with gouache since about 1990 - now that I have discovered oils painting just keeps getting more and more important and consistent - I paint for about 4-8 hours a day.

I’ve been following your career since you came out w/ Cat & Milkman, one of my favorite shorts from the Frederator Oh Yeah! Cartoons Era.
The animation style was inventive, off the wall, refreshingly spastic and very original.
Not to mention one of the most freakishly-cute cats I have ever seen.
When and how did you come up with the idea?

I came up with that duo just after Boid -n- Woim was made for the Cartoon Net in the Oh Yeah cartoon program, interestingly, it was also under the direction of Fred - C&MM was a variation on the witty banter chase cartoon much like Tom and Jerry or Elmer and Bugs - only I was now working at Nick, so I needed 2 new vehicles for comedy - it seemed to me that adversarial relations will always exist in nature so long as life is foraging for sustenance on earth - enemies are hilarious - it just worked out that they were up next - I had a bunch of ideas about terror in the food chain because of my love for the Ant and the Aardvark cartoons.

Early character design for “cat”
I would see your name sprinkled here and there on other OY shorts. What other ones did you work on? What did you do on them? What was it like working with other creators?
Rob Renzetti’s Mina and the Count had me doing characters - Mike Bell’s Super Santa and Forgotten Toy Box was a BG layout gig - Tim Biskup’s Freddy Seymore’s Amazing Life - any others I have forgotten - sorry - all the creators seemed to respect my work but I wasn’t at the point where someone would trust me to actually paint BGs for their short - the first time I got to swing a brush for a studio doing BGs was on Dexter’s Lab because fellow CalArts student Dave Smith wanted me to get back in the game - I was so flattered - I just painted some more BGs for a pilot he did this year for Diz - Bozzlebag’s Zip – so, so, so offbeat funny - no wonder it didn’t make it to series - no special effects or never ending vendettas.

What was your first job in the animation field?
2 Stupid Dogs season 2 - I was one of a crew of 6 or so, and I was responsible for designing and color keying backgrounds - best animation job I’ve ever had - I sat in on every story board pitch and laughed the whole time!

What companies have you worked for?
Nick, The Mouse, Film Roman, WB - I wanted to be a Spumco kid at one point, but never gained favor there - a blessing in disguise without doubt.

What company do you work for, or are you a mercenary for hire?
I’m a freelance contractor from here on in.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to break in or just beginning in the Animation industry or Art world?
NEVER EVER EVER borrow or spend a nickel to go to school for animation or art - squat and get the info for free - your teachers will respect you more than any other student on campus - use your money for desktop publishing hardware of your own or software - it pays for itself and in most cases it will do so on the job as you learn the applicable software ins and outs – copy, cut, & paste your way to liberty - Carpe Diem - do it in lieu of saying another word about your plan - desktop publishing reached a point years ago where it no longer permits any excuses for not finishing a 7 minute cartoon generated by ONE person at home alone - also - anything you are thinking of making should be registered with the WGA on the corner of 3rd and La Brea!

To be Continued! Stay tuned for Part 2.
If you absolutely need More Miles T., check out his Blog, Koo-che-koo!

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I live in Australia, year is 2006, I’m 40 and i cant beleive that i have only just discovered this site! It has changed my veiwing habits completely. Keep on keeping on.. thanks


Thank you Dave! Keep tuning into Channel Frederator for all kinds of Awesome!
Glad you dig the article on Miles.


I’ve been a fan of Jeaux Janovsky’s for awhile now, since All My Hereos first came out, and the match up between 2 great artists as yoursleves is pretty cool.
Can’t wait to see part2!


Thanks for being a fan. Have you picked up yr copy of Wide Awake 666 yet? The Funny/Cute Mini-Anthology i’m in? If you haven’t yet, I heavily recommend it. Chock full of great artists and stories.
you can find info here:
As far as Part 2 goes, Yr wish will be granted soon my friend!
Thanks again.

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