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Saturday Morning: “The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang”

November 4th, 2006

This Saturday, we’re featuring a cartoon that was based on a show that was based on a film.

While the cartoon was based on the live action show, the cartoon added a dog, Mr. Cool (voiced by Frank Welker), and a girl from the future, Cupcake (voiced by DiDi Conn) to the cast. The characters travel through history in a time machine, trying, as narrator Wolfman Jack put it, “…to get back to 1957 Milwaukee.”


“The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang” was a Hanna-Barbera production. The executive producers were William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Produced by Don Jurwich. Directed by Ray Patterson, George Gordon and Rudy Zamora. Story supervisor, Ray Parker.
Story editors, Tom Swale and Duane Poole. Story directors, Gary Hoffman, Emilie Kong, Dick Sebast and Don Sheppard. Animation supervisor, Bob Hatchcock. Backrground supervision, Al Gmuer. Voice direction, Gordon Hunt and Ginny McSwain. Music by Hoty Curtin. Music supervision by Paul DeKorte. Executives in charge of production, Jayne Barbera and Margaret Loesch. Voices: Henry Winkler (Fonzie); Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham); Donny Most (Ralph Malph); Frank Welker (Mr. Cool); Didi Conn (Cupcake); and Marlene Aragon, Rene Auberjonois, Ken Mars, Amanda McBroom, Mitzi McCall, Don Messick, Henry Polic, Stanley Ralph Ross, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Susan Silo.

“The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang” started November 8, 1980 and ran until September 18, 1982. At that time, Henry Winkler as the Fonz and his sidekick dog, Mr. Cool joined the Army and were added to the cast of the animated Laverne and Shirley in the Army. That show, which had begun on October 10, 1981, was renamed “Laverne and Shirley With The Fonz” and had the Fonz working in the motorpool as the chief mechanic. It was also packaged with an animated version of “Mork and Mindy”. I swear I’m not making this up. The series ran until September 3, 1983.

A total of 24 episodes of “The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang” were made. The animated series has run occasionally on TV Land, but isn’t currently on the schedule. It also aired on the Family Channel around 1989.

Information gathered at Sitcoms Online.

-Floyd Bishop

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There’s a very good reason that Seth MacFarlane called this the worst cartoon ever made. He probably doesn’t have much room to talk, but he’s not wrong about this. Cartoons based on sitcoms are the lowest of the low, rivaled only by celebrity vanity projects such as Lil Rosie, Hammerman, and Hi! Hi! Puffy Ami Yumi.



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