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“Max and the Pigeon Incident”, submitted by Dave Wasson: A Channel Frederator Featured Film

November 30th, 2006

Episode 58

It’s another average day at the office, until a pesky pigeon steals Max’s pencil. Watch as Max embarks on a death defying journey to get back his #2.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dave Wasson’s work, and where on Earth he came from, some of his credits include: Oh Yeah! Cartoons, “Max and His Special Problem”, featured on Episode 13 of Channel Frederator. “Max” also won an Emmy. Wasson also created the Oh Yeah! short series, “Tales From the Goose Lady”, with “Hamsel and Grande” being featured on Episode 30. He created and directed the series, “Time Squad”, has won a Clio for his commercial work, and animated the opening title sequence to the film, “Down With Love”.

When asked about “Max and the Pigeon Incident”, Dave filled me in a bit on how he came up with the idea. “Some people say that pigeons just amble along harmlessly with no real goals or purpose. I wanted to do a cartoon to help expose these feathered creatures for the little diabolical bastards they really are!”

Amen to that. And thanks again, Dave. Your work is fantastic.


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Yet another awesome Max short!

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