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“A Heinous Peeving”, submitted by Neil Graf: a Channel Frederator Featured Film

December 14th, 2006

Episode 60

When warring cats piss off a happy popsicle, bad things can happen…

Filmmaker Neil Graf (a recent Cal Arts Grad provided us with this terrific film, and will now enlighten us about his fabulous film.

“My idea for the film arose from the image of cats launching into the stratosphere and hurtling towards each other in a really epic fashion. Then I added the talking popsicle, and mashed them together until they fit. I know it’s a worthwhile story when I have to be in a half-sleeping, half-awake state to piece it all together.

Listen for Pen Ward as the Old Man, and Adam Muto as the White Cat. I never did credits for the dang thing, but those are them. I’m the Popsicle, and Josh Look does the Black Cat.

Thanks so much Neil! Terrific film, and the peeving was quite heinous.


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