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“CuddleBee Hugs’N'Such”, submitted by Adrian Molina and Alex Hirsch: A Channel Frederator Featured Film

January 25th, 2007

Episode 66


I first saw Cuddle Bee Hugs N’ Such at a Nick screening, and like the rest of the audience, I could not stop laughing. The bee is so adorable you want to punch him in the face, and Watson the deer is a great “Everyman”. I was fortunate enough to meet Alex Hirsh at our Channel Frederator Awards Party last night. Although our exchange was brief, the guy oozes personality.

Co-Creator Adrian Molina filled me in on how Cuddle Bee got started!

“CuddleBee Hugs’N'Such was born when Alex (Hirsh) came up to me one night at CalArts and asked, “Hey Adrian, what would a character named CuddleBee Hugs’N'Such
look like?” Our first impressions were that he’d be a kindly old man bumble bee full of wisdom and cuddles, but upon further exploration he started to morph into a highly saccharine motivational speaker/high school
counselor/care bear.

The character got put on the back burner while we were working on our sophomore films, until representatives from Nickelodeon showed up to CalArts
asking for one minute pitches to be made into animated shorts. So Alex and I spend a couple of hours one night hashing out a short scenario between the indomitable CuddleBee and his forest friend, Watson the deer, fashioned after our friend Adam Muto.

CuddleBee burrowed his way into the Nickelodeon execs’ hearts, and after a few months of boarding, recording, animation and post, the short was done. We got the incredible talents of Dee Bradley Baker and Rob Paulsen to voice CuddleBee and Watson respectively, both giving performances that made this short truly fun to animate.”

I want more of Cuddle Bee and Watson! Please keep up the great work, guys.


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This is one of the best flash animations Ive seen in awhile!


I love this cartoon! Really great and funny :)

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