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“Cat and Milkman”, submitted by Miles Thompson: A Channel Frederator Featured Film

February 1st, 2007


A thirsty cat will stop at nothing to get him some milk! Give a hearty salute, and watch as the gags unfold.

Miles Thompson created this short as part of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Jeaux Janovsky conducted a great interview with Miles a while back. I have linked to Part 1HERE!, Part 2HERE, and Part 3 HERE. Enjoy! Thanks Miles, for such a great film, and thanks Jeaux for such a thorough interview!


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Miles rules! He’s such a talent, especially when it comes to design! I saw him the other day at Nick. They’re lucky to have him!


Man, I remember this being one of my favorite Oh Yeah! shorts as a kid! Brings back a lot of memories, I’m glad I got to see it again!


hey! thanks you guys! you saw this as a kid? whoa! it’s been a while i guess.

MM - thanks for the kind words! i’m not over at Nick but i would love to be back as an in house guy in any part of animation…it’d be so much fun!

thanks you guys!


i’m sure miles is a great guy but the cartoon is not very funny. plus the cat looks like a monkey.


i AM a great guy - thanks for noticing yako. i think you are very funny!

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