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Channel Frederator Episode #70

March 6th, 2007

Episode #70 has arrived. After podcasting now for nearly a year and a half, we’re really finding our groove. Our days of wild promiscuity and partying in our 20’s are over. We popped out a few more podcasts in our 30s. We accepted hair loss in our 40s, libido loss in our 50s , memory loss in our 60s, and finally, in our 70s, tooth loss. Which is fine by us, since we like pudding and Cream of Wheat. Things couldn’t be better, really.

The Jimmy Swift Band—Turnaround, submitted by Brad Cayford, Copernicus Studios. It’s always pleasing to see an animated music video where the visuals and the band pretty much blow your mind. This video is just that. Plus, it has singing puppets. And we like singing puppets.

What’s for Lunch?, by Vincent Waller. As seen on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Pete Patrick and Persian Puss must prevent the formidable Dr. Don’t and his evil “Hospitality Director” from stealing their lunch!

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