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“Sita Sings the Blues Trailer”, submitted by Nina Paley: A Channel Frederator Featured Film

March 26th, 2007

Episode 72

Featured a while back with her film “Fetch” in Epsiode 39, Nina Paley is at it again, this time with a trailer for her upcoming animated feature, “Sita Sings the Blues”. The colors, the animation, the story, EVERYTHING about this film looks wonderful!

MELISSA: How did the idea for “Sita” originate?

NINA: Oy, long story, you”ll have to read itHERE

MELISSA: How long has the project taken you so far?

NINA: 3 years down (on and off), one to go.

MELISSA: Is it all done in Flash?

NINA: Mostly Flash with Final Cut Pro, but lately I’ve done a few scenes in a different style, all raster images (scanned paintings) using After Effects. I much prefer Flash, it’s so much lighter and faster, it allows for more spontaneity. But After Effects handles large raster images better, so what can I do?

MELISSA: How many people are helping you with it?

NINA: Greg Sextro’s been guiding the sound design and engineered the voice actors’ recording sessions. Reena Shah danced for a rotoscoped section. Todd Michaelsen and Rohan have both composed and produced new songs - the main track in the trailer is by Rohan, the music at the very beginning is by Todd. I’m doing all the design, drawing and animating myself, although Jake Friedman apprenticed with me for several weeks a few Summers ago, helping with “Battle of Lanka.”

MELISSA: What has been your favorite scene to animate so far?

NINA: Gah. No idea.

MELISSA: Fair enough! What was your process? Did you write a script first, or work from storyboards?

NINA: The movie’s just in my head. I never made an animatic, and only storyboard when I get stuck - and then it’s in very primitive sketches. Since I’m doing everything myself, I already know what I want so I can skip the usual intra-studio communications. The only script I wrote was dialog for the voice actors.

MELISSA: Have you ever made a feature before?

NINA: Nope.

MELISSA: What do you usually do when you get stuck creatively?

NINA: Complain to my friends.

Thanks for the interview, Nina! We can’t wait until the feature is finished!


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