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Animagic Lays off Staff

May 24th, 2007


This just in from ASIFA-East


On May 21st, Jeff Nodelman’s animation studio Animagic laid off its entire staff, about 75 people, after 6 weeks of employment on “Nate the Great.” Animagic is a subsidiary of Creative Group and Moe Green Entertainment.

“Nate the Great” was a show that PBS bought from Creative Group last year. Unlike most shows, which run for about 10 test episodes, “Nate” was picked up for a whopping 40 episodes that were going to syndication.

The staff was called into a meeting at 11am Monday morning and was told that the poject was cancelled. Nodelman labeled it a haitus and sent all the artists back to their desks to pack up, where they found the information on their computers inaccessable.

According to a source, PBS itself is shocked at the cancellation, which stems from the investors pulling out their funding.


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The BG artist who worked on my A&A got laid off.. such a shame!


That is too bad, but with no funding, what can you do? Best of luck to the artists involved.

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