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Gordy, A Channel Frederator Featured Film

June 27th, 2007


Bryan Brinkman’s short, Gordy, was pretty funny. I’ve been waiting for someone to do something like this since I first saw Winsor McCay’s original Gertie the Dinosaur. I’m glad it was Brian and crew at Uber Street. Gordy could be a distant relative of Winsor Mccay’s Gertie the Dinosaur, if those relatives mated with eachother and inbred, inbred, inbred. Over time, you are bound to get genes all kinds of messed up. Gordy, lovable and deformed as it is, would be the happy result.
Thanks Bryan!

1. How did you come up with the idea for this film?
This film was actually a collaboration between myself and two other students from UArts, Dan Pinto and Matt Gaston. Dan came up with the initial idea and from there we shot around ideas and watched old reenactments from the original Gertie film. “Gordy” itself was an assignment that required us to collaborate with a student outside the film and animation department. We enlisted Paul Krick from the acting department to play our “McCay” impostor.

2. Who are some of your influences?
Well first off we’d have to say Winsor McCay was the biggest influence. We also watched alot of old cartoons and vaudville acts. If we had to choose some others it would probably be Karl Staven and Chris Magee who both gave us extensive animation history lessons that year at UArts. Outside of this film my bigger influences ranges from Chuck Jones and Tex Avery to Matt Groening.

3. What do you do when you get stuck creatively?
For this film, we looked at old time-y animation, specifically from the 30’s or 50’s. Going to a park and sketching usually helped out. Also we watched alot videos of people throwing up.

4. Can you tell us the process of how you made this film?
After coming up with the initial idea. Dan storyboarded out the idea. Then once we had it all figured out we filmed our actor Paul against a green screen for all of the live action, including a real pumpkin being thrown. After that we went into flash and all three of us worked at animation and clean up of Gordy. Finally I took the task of compiling it all into After Effects, using 3D lighting and planes to create the fake “old stage” environment. Then we just added the effects and the voice overs and we were done .In all it took us about 2-3 months to create.

5. What are you working on currently?
We’ll now the three of us are just out of college working on post-thesis films. We are all on the move up to New York City in hopes of pursuing animation work. My next film I’m working on revolves around the idea of Godzilla having a bad day, we will see how it plays out. Dan is working on an independent music video and Matt is doing professional video editing.

I like it when Gordy throws up. Thanks Bryan!

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Such an awesome animation! good job bryan and friends! you got talent!

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