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Channel Frederator Featured Spotlight on Zac Moncrief

July 19th, 2007


I wish I had a story or two about Zac Moncrief to share with you all, but I didn’t really attend his classes while he taught at Calarts. But what I can share with you was how I felt about him, his teaching methods, when I did crash a class or two of his.

Zac is a very funny person, and was a very sharing and encouraging teacher. It’s to bad he’s not teaching at Calarts still, because the kids there need people like Zac.

Zac, himself, attended Calarts and obtained an internship on the animated film, The Pagemaster. Soon after he moved into the role of assistant animator on Cats Don’t Dance. During his time on Cats Don’t Dance, Fred Seibert (who’s that guy?) had bought a pilot from Zac entitled, Godfrey and Zeek, for the Hanna-Barbera What-A-Cartoon Series.

Zac then found himself doing work on another HB series, Johnny Bravo in the story department.
Some time passed, and Zac had moved on to open his own animation company, where he created several animated cd-roms and successful commercial spots. Most notably, commercial work featuring Warner Brothers‘ own Road Runner, a Carl’s Jr. piece starring Dennis Rodman, and animation for an amusement park ride sponsored by GM for Walt Disney World.

Fred Seibert (that name sounds so familiar) came a knockin’ again, this time around the fishbowl with Oh Yeah! Cartoons. In addition to working on such popular hits on OY! such as Fairly OddParents & Max and His Special Problem, he created 2 shorts of his own: Kitty the Hapless Cat & Baxter and Bananas (featured this week on Channel Frederator’s Episode #89!!! Thanks Zac!).

After that, Zac began teaching at Calarts and working at Walt Disney Television Animation doing storyboards on Gary Baseman’s Teacher’s Pet (both the series and the television show) as well as Lilo and Stitch, Kim Possible, and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.
He hopped from Disney and moved onto Fox animation studios for a brief directing gig on the smash hit, Family Guy, only to hop back to Disney unleashing his story and directing skills unto their newest animated series, Phineas and Ferb.

I for one, really enjoyed his shorts for Frederator. Thanks again Zac!

Here’s a Random Fact for Zac’s short Baxter and Bananas:

Did you know Mark Hamill, everyone’s favorite Skywalker, voiced up the voices for Bananas the Sock Monkey & the voice of Dad in this? That alone, gives the short 10 xtra points in my book of certifiable cool.

-Jeaux Janovsky

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Aside from being an extremely nice guy and even better artist, Zac is the luckiest dude around. Why? Because he convinced Charlene, Oh Yeah! Cartoons production ace (currently at Nick’s ‘Making Fiends) to become Mrs. Zac. Score one bud.


YAY!!! I LOVE ZAC!! I am so lucky to be working on a show he is directing..he is awesome on so many levels!!

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