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Angry Alien Productions: 30 Second Bunnies Theatre

September 4th, 2007


Jennifer Shiman has been doing 30 second parodies of feature films, starring bunnies, for some time now. Each one seems to be better than the last.

The most current piece is a parody of the movie “Saw”. I really enjoy how the cartoons really capture the film. If you were sitting with someone on a bus, and had to quickly describe the film, this is probably how it would be told, with each key detail included.

You can read an interview with Jennifer Shiman here.

I think it’s great that Starz uses animation in such a way. It’s a fun project, and I hope we continue to see Bunnies parodies for a long time to come.

-Floyd Bishop

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I sure wish we could run this stuff on Channel Frederator, it’s great.

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