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Animation Nation has more traffic than the 405

September 4th, 2007


Charles Zembillas recently announced record traffic levels over at Animation Nation.

Since it’s creation in 1999, Animation Nation has, for better and worse, been “the voice of the animation industry”. In it’s time, the forum has chronicled such things as the death of animation legends, the premieres of films, and the day to day posts that interest those in the animation industry.

Head on over and let your voice be heard.

-Floyd Bishop

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yes please go congratulate charles on his record traffic levels in the appropriate thread as well;f=1;t=012554


Oh my God man, you’re petty. I just wanted to add that I’m dumb, have a big butt, and my breath stinks. Happy?


Animation Nation is FAR from “the voice of the animation industry” - a more appropriate tag would be “Charles’ voice of the animation industry.”

If you post anything - regardless of how calmly and sincerely - that isn’t in line with his incredibly narrow view of the world, you get booted off.

It does nothing to encourage real dialogue or debate among its readers…

Like John K.’s site, it’s just another rant page of people who all agree with its founder.

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