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A Fly Film, A Channel Frederator Featured Film!

September 24th, 2007


Flies. I don’t like em. They’re grubby, stinky, and annoying. Plus they eat poo for dinner. Bryan Brinkman shows us how “fly” these flys can be though, and in Stop Motion no less! Cool!
I asked Bryan to put together a few thoughts about his process of creating his hilarious stop motion short, A Fly Film.



Bryan & Friend
“Well thats great news! thank you very much for featuring my short, its actually the first place its ever been shown, I kinda kept it hidden for a few months because I didn’t know what to do with it.

So, making this film was my first full attempt at stop motion after a few tests. The story basically formed from the idea of a fly who got pleasure from electricity and spun from there. I first created the story with storyboards and animatics before diving in and designing and creating the puppet and set. The puppet was created with clay, wire, sofa foam, rubber latex, and women’s panty hose. The set was built with wood, chicken wire, and a spray painted pvc pipe. Then I shot all the animation lit against a green screen to composite in a background. Then it was all editing along with a few hand drawn animated shots.
In all, it took about 3 months and about a hundred bucks from start to finish and was relatively painless. I made it alongside my 5 minute hand drawn thesis film that had a more serious tone, so this was my escape into comedy and sanity.

Hope that gives some insight.

Thanks again,


Thank YOU Bryan for showing us how “FLY” flies and stop motion, when put together, can truly be.
-Jeaux Janovsky

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