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The Fred Moore Myth

September 24th, 2007

Fred Moore is credited as the person who redesigned Mickey. He was also one of the principal animators on some of Mickey’s most memorable short films. Unfortunately, the story about him that doesn’t seem to go away is the one about how he died.

There are far too many rumors about the man, as the Blackwing Diaries and other sites will tell you. Just today, I read a post on another forum where someone mentioned Fred Moore’s drunk driving accident where he lost his life. The post was made in such a matter of fact way, that it only helped to further the myth.

Fred Moore was not killed while driving under the influence.


Why is this such a big deal? Well, it’s been put out there so many times for various reasons, that it’s almost seen as fact. It’s a story that is so sensational, it makes the rounds like wildfire.

Luckily, Jenny Lerew and her readers at the Blackwing Diaries are around to set the story straight. I too took the story for the truth when I first heard it. It was only after some research that I found out what had really happened.


While it is nice to know who drew what in which film, it’s also of interest to know more about the artists themselves. As someone who is interested in animation on all levels, I feel it’s important to squash false rumors about artists, especially when it casts their body of work in such a negative tone.

While it is no secret that Freddie Moore liked to drink (and there were many who did in that time), alcohol did not play a role in the accident that lead to his death. If you hear this rumor, please set the record straight.

-Floyd Bishop

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