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The Coffee Bird, A Channel Frederator Featured Film!

September 30th, 2007


Bryan Brinkman’s Channel Frederator Featured short, The Coffeebird, is bittersweet while still showing us the humorous and touching sides of friendship and life…
Even if it is a beautiful friendship between an old person and his fine feathered friend. I wanted to do something different for this interview, so rather than dish out my usual Channel Frederator Featured Film Interviews, so I opted to interview Bryan Brinkman’s character in his film!
So without further ado, here’s some answers from Coffee Person (Barrista?) Henry Stevens.

1) Your story, has touched millions, and has been made into an animated feature by Director Bryan Brinkman. How was it working with him and has success changed you Henry?
Well Bryan’s tough to work with, aside from his pompous attitude and dangerous drug habits, he’s just plain unprofessional. Also he tends to break the rules of editing and what he comes up with is just sloppy. Not very professional. For me, the film changes my life only slightly, it allowed me to look back and realize how terrible my scarf was, I really should’ve used a brighter color palette.

Bryan Brinkman, Director in Question

2) Did you decide to keep your day-job at the Coffee Shop?
Of Course, that job was and is my life, I’ve spent more than four decades there and I’m not gonna give up on it. Occasionally people come in and recognize me, but it doesn’t phase me, retirement is just around the corner. Then I’ll probably move out of the city and become one with nature.

3) How has life been since you lost your little Bird Friend, and do you still miss him?
Life goes on, if anything it hurt to see something so young go, I went through a short time of guilt and anxiety thinking is was my fault, but overtime the wounds healed.Of course I’ll miss him, he was my little shuga-feathas .(thats my nickname for him, between me and you).


4) You have an interest in Vikings, when did that begin and do you have Viking blood coursing through your veins?
Well as you know Im an old man, my great grandfather was actually killed when nordic vikings pillaged his village. Ever since then, I assumed that my great grandmother was somehow raped by Eric the Red and I have a little bit of Viking in my blood, so I check out the occasional Viking expo. I also as you know take part in their traditions, such as their funerals and song and dance.

5) Did you protect yourself against Bird Flu, while nursing your little Bird Friend, and what are your thoughts on the Bird Flu Epidemic?
I’m not sure what your talking about exactly, I don’t like to watch the news. If your wondering, I did have a flu about two weeks ago, I was vomiting and spraying diahrea everywhere, it was uncontrollable and sloppy. Sorry if thats off topic.

6) Any closing thoughts, or memories you would like to share about your little Bird Friend? Is there anything you would like to say to the youth of America?
Well to my shugga feathas I’d say “Keep your beak to the sky my friend.” And for the Youth of America, I can only say “Stop Snitchin!”

Thanks for answering our Indepth Questions Henry! Thanks also for submitting Bryan!
-Jeaux Janovsky

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That short was so sweet and touching and reminded me of soemthing that happened to me as well. I found a little bird chick that had been rejected by his mother, tried to nurture him, but he refused to eat so.. he died :(

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