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Trapped in the Drive Thru, A Channel Frederator Featured Film!

October 8th, 2007


Doug Bresler, the Doog of Doogtoons, submitted his epic music video he made for His Weirdness, the one and only Weird Al, entitled Trapped in The Drive-Thru! It’s an 11 minute animated music video, and it is EPIC.
Have you ever spent a looong time stuck at the drive-thru? I know I have at one point or another…
Weird Al takes R.Kelly’s, Trapped in the closet, and puts his spin on it in this highly entertaining parody song video.
In Doug’s Interview we rap about animation, his varied influences, and thoughts on our fast food nation.
Makes me hungry.
Bon Appétit Mon Amis!

1) Who are some of your Influences?
I have countless influences, but to name a few, not in any order:
a) Sam Raimi - Gotta love Evil Dead.
b) Claudio Fragasso - The genius behind Troll 2. “Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards!”
c) James Cameron - I saw “The Terminator” when I was 5 and it made me want to make movies.
d) Jim Davis - Though Garfield has potential to be hilarious, and only sometimes is, I love the clean style of Jim Davis’s artwork.
e) Lionel Richie - 70s and 80s god. He helps me through the “All Night”-ers.
f) “Weird Al” Yankovic - UHF was one of the first movies I laughed so hard I fell out of my seat. This has only happened a few times in my life.
g) Ennio Morricone - If you can listen to “Death Theme” from “The Untouchables” without crying, you have no soul. :P
h) David Bowie in “Labyrinth” - His bulge alone inspired me to grow a bigger penis.
i) Jeff Goldblum - hands down my favorite actor ever.
j) Peter Cetera - Just watching how awkward he is in “The Glory of Love” music video inspires one to make a completely different music video.
k)Jim Henson - Embraced the fact that he was a weirdo with puppets, and he entertained and enlightened an entire generation.
l) Eastman and Laird - The original gritty TMNT comics were the only comicbooks I ever read.
m) Seinfeld - The only person that can complain for 22 minutes and not get on my nerves.
n) Bee Gees - The Bee Gees Greatest Hits was the soundtrack to my life for an entire summer.
o) Jonathan Katz - Brilliantly dry comedian. Listen to his podcast “Hey, We’re Back!”
p) Internet Man/Woman - He/She doesn’t exist, but if the entire internet morphed into a human, he/she would be pretty cool.
q) Shelly Duvall - “Faerie Tale Theater” haunted my dreams as a kid.
r) Carson Daly - Living proof that ANYONE can make it big.
s) Menahem Golan - the king of shitty movies. If you haven’t seen “The Apple”, stop reading and go rent it NOW.

2) How did you meet Weird Al, and how did the TATDT gig come about? What I really want to know is, what was it like working with the Weird One?
I met Al after he agreed to do an interview with me for my show, “In the Studio”. I tracked him down shortly after the “Ask a Ninja” and Tommy Chong interviews. I knew his new album was coming out, and figured he might think of my show as a cool new way to promote it. He did a fantastic interview with tons of material (still to be animated). Al is the real deal, a truly great guy and great comedian.

After we released one animated clip in late 2006, Jay Levey, Al’s manager, contacted me in January. He said that they loved it, and asked me if I wanted to do the next music video. Al has always been and still is a hero of mine, so I jumped out of my seat and took a day before saying “yes”. I had 2 months to create an 11 minute animated music video. A TON of work, but we did it!

Working with Al was fantastic. He knew what he wanted for the video, but at the same time he made sure not to micromanage everything and gave me a lot of creative control. My original treatment had many wacky visual gags, but Al wanted to take a more “realistic” approach to the video. After brainstorming over it, I understood what he was going for, and agreed that it would work a lot better for the song to make the video an acting piece for the characters.

We’re thrilled that since releasing the video in March 07, it has gotten more than 8 million views on Myspace and Youtube. Not only that, Al has been playing the cartoon at every live concert he’s done on his tour this summer. Seeing it on a huge screen in concert is a bit ethereal.

3) What is your favorite fast food joint hands down, and why? What is your least favorite?
I RARELY eat fast food any more, but hands down, my favorite is In N Out Burger. They have locations only in the western part of the US.
My least favorite: The evil that is Mcdonald’s.

4) What do you normally order at In N Out Burger?
Cheeseburger with onions and fries. No soda!
[*ed.Note: Thank gawd you don’t order the 100×100. UGH!]

5) Do you have a favorite fast food mascot? i.e. Ronald Mcdonald, Grimace, that mayor cheeseburger guy, those little fryguys, Burger King,
Big Boy, Wendy, the Arby’s cowboy hat, etc. For the record, my fave has always been the Hamburglar, thief of hamburgers.

Not a big fan of mascots. Maybe if they created a mascot of “The Guy Who Kicks Ronald McDonald In The Balls”, I’d take a liking to it.

6) What’s next on your platter Doug? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, being that this is a fast food related interview!)
Next up on the platter???? Terrible :P
We have more “Eli’s Dirty Jokes” on the way, as well as a cartoon with Tommy Chong which should be out in a month. I’m very excited about this next one… it tells the story of how Tommy came up with his genre-defining “stoner” character. Don’t miss it!

Thanks for the entertaining and hunger pang inducing Interview Doug! We heart you and your hilarious animation!
Keep em coming friend!

-Jeaux Janovsky, Hamburglar in training

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I love this video! Weird Al is great and dogtoons did a pretty good job. Not the best animated toon but that’s not what they were aiming for. I only wish Weird Al had a better producer cause it sounds like he didn’t know how to vocal tune too well…


Al nailed the feel of the R Kelly song it’s a parody of. I like the animation on this as well. This thing is EPIC! Great pick for the 100th episode.


Thanks again, Doogtoons, for the making the 100th episode a great one.

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