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“Pick It Up”: Check It Out!

June 3rd, 2008


I was excited when Willy Hartland, a colleague from my MTV Animation days, snagged an “Excellence in Humor” award at this year’s ASIFA-East Animation Festival. He won for his work on “Pick It Up”, a ska-inspired music video commissioned by Yo Gabba Gabba (the colorful and crazily cool pre-school show which airs on Nick Jr. and is produced by Wild Brain.) The uber-bouncy music features Alex Desert from the ska/rocksteady band Hepcat.  The song was recorded by gogo13.

It’s the most entertainingly educational music video about neatness ever!

To watch: Use this link to a Flash version or this one to a Quicktime version.

Some inside scoop: Originally, the spot was going to be done in claymation. Here is a 3-D version of the father that wasn’t used. (It was decided that Flash was a better option for many reasons, budget being one of them.)


In the end, the final versions of the characters were designed by Parker Jacobs. And Craig Patches was the lead animator on the project.

Here are some early storyboards that Willy sent along:




Anne D. Bernstein

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I remember being really excited when this first came out. I had already been following Yo Gabba Gabba because I’m a big fan of Parker Jacobs’ work, both his musical and cartoon stuff, and it was great to see them put together like that. Thanks for posting this!


Willy made a great film, it was fun to see it win at ASIFA-East. Thanks for the behind the scenes stuff too.



I met you last summer in Bellport as you docked your boat.



Hah, LOL! Right. You coming by again?

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Hi Fred,

Yes…. LOL I visit Bellport a lot in the summer.
My sister has a house there near the marina.
Hope to see you this summer…



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