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Animation Gossip! Oh, the Humanity!

July 28th, 2008

Via E! and AOL
I knew that eventually the tabloid industry would begin their assault on folks in the Animation Industry and begin treating them like actual celebs. I just didn’t know how soon…
And I loooove how the press doesn’t even use their names in the titles.

Notice, Exhibit A: Seth MacFarlane, of Family Guy Fame, is supposedly dating the much younger than him, Amanda Bynes. Gosh, she sure was cute when she was on Nickelodeon’s ALL THAT a few years ago. By that, I mean 2 years ago. Ba-dump-cha.
Read more at the AOL.

Exhibit B: Lisa Simpson’s voice, what’s her name again? Oh yea, Yeardley Smith, recently filed for a divorce with her husband, Daniel Ericson, otherwise known as the guy who was married to Lisa Simpson’s Voice.
Go to E! to read up.

I wonder why they divorced?
Also, I bet he’s gonna make a whole buttload of $$$.
See ya on the Animation Gossip Grapevine.
-Jeaux Janovsky

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