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Boxhead and Roundhead and Elliot Cowan

January 7th, 2009

Elliot Cowan
Elliot Cowan

Australian animator turned New Yorker, Elliot Cowan, submitted one our favorite cartoons of 2008 – “Boxhead and Roundhead: Brothers in Arms”. We caught up with Elliot to see how the Big Apple is treating him and what we can expect from the talented toon-maker in ‘09.

Channel Frederator: Whatcha been up to since we last spoke with you?

Elliot Cowan: I can’t recall when the last time I was cross examined on Frederator, but I think since the last time, I moved to the US. New York City to be specific.

Once my work papers arrived then I picked up a terrific freelance job for the great guys at Switch FX which was very handy when, in November I married Rebecca Angelou – an endlessly talented graphic artist from Queens.

I made “Brothers In Arms” (obviously).

Various Boxhead and Roundhead films have appeared in even more festivals – “Brothers In Arms” has already started to do the rounds, appearing at a couple of festivals in Italy in the next few months with hopefully more afterwards. Shorts International, a British film distribution company recently picked up the films so hopefully they’ll be appearing on iTunes and other media soon (I’ll be taking them down from Youtube soon so Channel Frederator will be about the only place to see them online).

Other than the usual job hunting I’ve had a great time meeting great people in the New York City animation community, and what a great bunch they are.

I’ll take the time to encourage any NYC animation/illustration/film making people to join ASIFA-East because they really are the most terrific bunch of people. Times are tough here animation wise in New York and apart from the events they organize, it’s a good opportunity to not feel so removed from the rest of the animation world.

Membership is only what – 35 bucks or something, which is probably tax deductible.

Monkey Spirit
“Monkey Spirit”

CF: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

EC: Yeah, I sure can. It’s taken a long time but I’ve finally managed to get someone interested in my children’s book projects. I have a little small alphabet film I want to put together.

I’ve got some more Boxhead and Roundheads to make. I also have a Boxhead and Roundhead feature lurking away in the back of my head which would be exciting.

It’ll be cheaper than Persepolis and stranger than Coraline. I’m sure it could be done (with a few bucks and heftier computer…).

CF: What do you want to try to accomplish in 2009?

EC: Well, I’d like to make some more Boxhead and Roundheads obviously.
Or rather, I’d like to have the money to pay someone else to animate them while I direct them. There’s also that feature I mentioned above…

I’d love to exhibit again, something I’ve not done for a few years now. I’d like to get back into voice work. I voiced hundreds of characters for commercials back home in Australia and it was always so much fun.

CF: Worse fate – being shot with a cannon, or from a cannon?

EC: It all depends on what the cannon is actually firing. Is it a cannon ball, or is it say, a cloud of love, or a thousand tiny butterflies? On the whole, I’d rather not have anything to do with cannons apart from the cannon animation I created for “Brothers In Arms”…

Thank you, Elliot, and Happy New Year!

Boxhead and Roundhead 2009

You can watch “Boxhead and Roundhead: Brothers in Arms” right here on Channel Frederator!

– Bailee DesRocher

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