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Color Palette Pals

January 29th, 2009


COLOURlovers is an amazing website where you can go for endless retinal stimulation. “The Colour and Design Community for Creative Inspiration” offers hundreds of color palettes, patterns, trend reports, color predictions, discussion boards, a blog, and much more. Members contribute their own colors and designs so there is a constant stream of new ideas.

They recently posted a list of their favorite colorful animated shorts from 2008. See if you agree.

And here’s a little timely round-up regarding the importance of red to the Chinese New Year.

And I have no idea why they use the British spelling of “colour” since they are based in Portland. Or if Darius A Monsef IV, the founder, was really born with such an amazing name. Or what exactly an “internet astronaut” is, which he claims to be. I just know…I like this site and blue with a bit of grey (gray?) in it.

Anne D. Bernstein

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