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Congrats to Joel!

January 29th, 2009


Joel Trussell has been a long-time contributor to Channel Frederator. In fact, Joel’s film War Photographer was in the second episode to ever air! Every time we show one of his shorts we get a great response. This month, you guys really did your duty!

Joel’s animated music video for Morcheeba’s “Enjoy the Ride” is the winner of our January Cartoon of the Month prize, which means that out of all of the cartoons to run in December, you guys voted his the very best. Because of you, Joel will receive a totally awesome $100 prize pack of extra special Cartoon of the Month Channel Frederator merchandise.

I asked Joel a few questions about the making of the video. Check it out after the jump, and don’t forget to get voting on next month’s Cartoon of the Month!

What inspired the concept behind “Morcheeba: Enjoy the Ride”?

Morcheeba were really cool and allowed me to go with whatever.  Hard to nail where the concept came from completely, but at the time I was very visually influenced by the designs of Alexander Girard and Arthur Eric Rowton Gill.  The idea grew out of some of the imagery I was perusing through and the lyrics of the song.  Worry and sleep deprivation were also key ingredients.

What techniques did you use to create it and how long did it take?

This video was a little bit of an experiment for me integrating the 3-D with Flash.  Luckily a friend of mine (Todd Schott) was a wiz with Maya so we put our heads together on how to construct everything.  The cocktail recipe is two shots of Flash, one splash of Maya, a zest of Photoshop then pour together in an After Effects shaker.

Can you name a few artists, animators or other creatives that inspire you?

The list is endless, but lately I’ve been fondly reminiscing through the old Liquid Television catalogue; remembering the fantastic “Stevie Washington: The Angry Youth” by Joe Horne, “Jac Mac and Rad Boy” by Wes Archer along the masterwork of  Sir Plympton and Sir Judge.  Amazing stuff.

Any advice for hopeful animators that want to win Channel Frederator’s Cartoon of the Month prize themselves some day?

Get to it!  Finish something… anything… then put it out there and move onto the next.  Although I don’t know much about the lady, I’ve always enjoyed the quote “Never complain, never explain, get the thing done and let them howl.” — Nellie McClung

What did you have for lunch today?

I was shut down by a migraine today so I just had a jamocha ibuprofen milkshake.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Joel, and your wonderful film. We hope you’re feeling better because we’re looking forward to more of your films! - Carrie

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