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Our First Featured Filmmaker: Kirsten Lepore

February 3rd, 2009

This week’s episode of Channel Frederator features one (count ‘em, ONE) filmmaker!

The multi-talented Kirsten Lepore hosts her very own episode with three of her amazing animations, tons of pics, interviews, videos, and foooood!

“Story from North America” – Songs, spiders, and floppy parts abound in this goofy 2D tale.

“Craig & Walter” – Okay, okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one: A narwhal and a squid walk into a diner…

“Sweet Dreams” – An ambitious cupcake sets sail for adventure and returns home with a sweet center filled with… worldly wisdom.

In this episode, we also announce the winner of January’s Cartoon of the Month. Yay!

WARNING: Channel Frederator is rated EXPLICIT. This episode contains sexual situations between squashes and baked goods, wrapperless cupcakes (see “nude”), and the occasional man nipple. Get permission from a parent or guardian prior to viewing.

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