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We’re Drawn to Steve Kovalesky

February 11th, 2009

Steve Kovalesky
Steve Kovalesky

Steve Kovalesky is a talented artist and self taught animator whose short, short film, “Nature”, is featured in this week’s epsiode of Channel Frederator. We did learn, though, there’s always room for further education in other areas. No, not that. What is with you guys?

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Steve Kovalesky: I took a computer animation class in 8th grade and learned on my own since then. One key resource for me has been The Animator’s Survival Kit. I already knew the software, but the book really helped me understand the principles of animation.

CF: What or who has influenced your work the most?

SK: One of my biggest influences is Bill Watterson. I love the sketchy look of his work and how there’s so much life in even his simplest drawings. I’m also a fan of Chuck Jones, Wolfgang Reitherman, and Ralph Bakshi.

CF: Do you have any cool projects coming up that you can tell us about?

SK: Well I don’t have any solid plans, but I am working on something at the moment. I’m hoping to have a weekly or biweekly animated comic up on the internets soon. The project is in the planning stages, but expect to see something within the next few weeks or so.

CF: Does a bear crap in the woods? Sorry, that’s an awful joke question…

SK: You know, I never heard that phrase before and I had to ask my dad what it meant. Now it’s so obvious.

You rule, Steve. Thanks for the great work!

You can check out Steve’s sketchy style in his animation “Nature” right here on Channel Frederator!

– Bailee DesRocher

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