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February 12th, 2009


Nextbook is an intriguing website about Jewish culture. They have a great podcast series, an online magazine…and now…a cartoon! God&Co is a series of modern takes on classic bible stories featuring the voices of comics including Jonathan Katz (of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist) as God. (It has that Tom Snyder Squigglevision feel, without the squiggle.)

The illustrator is Mike Herrod. Animation by Ed Mundy. Created, written and directed by Stephen and Joel Levinson.

There have been four episodes so far; click below to watch them:

Bound for Glory

Let My People Grow

Getting There is Half the Fun (Warning: Rudeness and bleeped profanity when Moses is insulted at a Friar’s Club-style Roast.)

Not If You Were the Last Panda on Earth (Warning: Animal Nookie!)

After the Jump: A bonus. Stephen Levinson (half of the funny-brother duo) was also the producer and editor of a brisket-splitting parody of The New York Times “Weekender” commercials (made for 92ndY/Tribeca) Featuring big deal stars like Paul Rudd and ex-members of The State.

Anne D. Bernstein

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