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We Heart Art… Grootfontein

February 12th, 2009

Art Grootfontein
Art Grootfontein, photo by Stanley Portobello

We featured Art Grootfontein’s film “Snap!shots of the Year” just about a month ago, and already Art has turned right around and given us a cool time-lapse of his Frederator-centric “FredMobile”. We talked about it some.

Channel Frederator: What program are you using during “FredMobile”?

Art Grootfontein: In this case, I’ve directly drawn the sketch on my computer using my graphic tablet in Adobe Photoshop (although I really like to draw with a pencil, I do use a digital pencil-like brush as well… this may sound stupid, but I like it).

All the color/texture stuff was also done in Photoshop. When I’m working on an animation, I usually design my graphic elements in Illustrator and then import them into Flash.

FredMobile - 4 Steps

CF: I really love your retro style… I just realized that’s not a question.

AG: I really like retro style, too… I guess it’s not an answer.

CF: How’s your children’s book coming along? Can you tell us anything about it?

AG: It’s an extracurricular book for children between the ages of seven and eight. The purpose is to help them learn their native language (in this case French) through games, tales, and different illustrated exercises.

I just finished all the sketches (30 illustrations) and sent them to the publishing house. I had a really good time drawing the images, so hopefully people will enjoy them as well. Everything should be finished by the end of the month.

Thanks Bailee, Thanks Frederator, see you soon!

Thank you, Art!

You can check out Art’s time-lapse drawing “FredMobile” right here in this week’s episode of Channel Frederator.

– Bailee DesRocher

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