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Life, the Universe, and Scott Coello

March 5th, 2009


Scott Coello, animator/director of “She Farted and Created the World” took time amid celebrating his 21st birthday (woo!) too tell us about what inspires him, how he conquers creative blocks, and why air guitar still beats the crap out of Guitar Hero. The music featured in the film is also his, under his band’s name “Son of Robot”.

Channel Frederator: Where did you get your animation education?

Scott Coello: I… erm…. sort-of don’t have one :( BUT, I am finishing off a BA in Graphics Communication at Bath Spa University. I know, graphics! I should be wearing tight-fitted-turtle-neck sweaters and kerning Helvetica, but I just prefer animating stuff, it’s way more rewarding than making something still, lifeless and boring.

CF: Who or what has influenced your work the most?

SC: It’s weird how I get influenced. Usually it’s from people, what they say and what they do. Like for “She Farted And Created The World”, my flat mate, Laura, and her boyfriend, Matt, were talking about their dog, Maggie, and they said “She’s angelic… I think she actually farted the world… and then left the room again.” (She was known for laying a beef-breeze and leaving the room, apparently!)

… I scribbled down that idea instantly!


Erm… otherwise, I love alanthebox. His stuff got me into animating. Can’t wait for his movie. Also, lots of love all over Noah Harris. Everything he touches is incredible… a lesser spotted attention-to-detail-osarus.

CF: What do you do to get past creative blocks? If you don’t have them then… awesome.

Oh, creative blocks are awful things. Life would be so much more awesome without them. I tend to take a break from whatever it is I’m doing, have a cup of tea, post random images and divert topics on forums (ha, sorry thingboxers) and distract some of the guys on my course. Usually air guitar to some songs too. Air guitaring beats the crap out of Guitar Hero. Check out this back flip….

CF: Is the cyclical nature of life and the universe a theme for any of your other films?

SC: Yeah, some of them. I have this thing for birds and whales. I think it’s because of the amount of tuna and chicken I eat!

The universe is one HUGE inspiration in my stuff. Mainly because I’ve never been into space! It’s a beautiful thing that I’ll never experience, and I will just vent that frustration into my work (somehow) until I can get into space. Whether it’s a starry explosion, a new “world”, play on evolution/religions, little critters, doing my bit to help the planet… it’s there. Just check out “A Modern Evolution of Whale” or “Paper Hero”. Being all vented out and stuff!

Space is Awesome.

CF: Are you working on anything new you’d like to discuss?

SC: Yeah, quite a few things. Doing another mixed-media crazy thing about thinking cycles (just a chance to try out a few new ideas and techniques really). A stop-motion music video for my band, Son of Robot. Another music video for an awesome instrumental band, APPI. Maybe some promotional stuff for the new Rubix 360. And whatever the university throws at me.

Thanks Frederator. Loverator x

Thank you, Scott! And Happy Birthday!

You can check out Scott’s music and animation chops in “She Farted and Created the World” right here on Channel Frederator!

-Bailee DesRocher

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