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Jabber about Jabberwocky

March 11th, 2009

A poetry enthusiast named Jim Clark has created dozens of short videos using Clutch Cargo-like animation techniques to imagine what it would be like if famous poets could recite their work for us. The results are odd and somewhat creepy. Above, Lewis Carroll reads an excerpt from “Jabberwocky”. Other literary figures given the not-entirely-lifelike treatment are Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Charles Baudelaire, and Oscar Wilde. See the entire collection here.

There are lots of other adaptations of “Jabberwocky” that you can view on YouTube. Here is one narrated in Swedish, containing some marvelous stop motion puppet creatures. To learn more about animator Chuck Svensson, see The Lone Animator website, his behind-the-scenes blog, and the bluworm YouTube page.

Anne D. Bernstein

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