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By the Beard of Moose!

March 18th, 2009


The creative team behind “The Pen Is Mighter” (Tammy Dubinsky, Bill Ede, Ian Milne, Michelle Clement, Tzanko Tchangov & Choom Lam) give us the lowdown on their award winning stop-motion short. The film took “Best Editing” at the Trick 17 Stop Motion Film Competition (yay!), where 30 teams (woah!) had only 52 hours (WHAT?!) to create a one-to-three-minute stop-motion animated film.

Channel Frederator: Where did you get your animation education?

Tammy: Vancouver Film School (VFS) & Quickdraw Animation Society.

Ian: VFS.

Bill: Vancouver Film School.

Choom: VFS and years of Saturday morning cartoons.

Michelle: The moon! Okay, okay - good ol VFS for me, too.

Tzanko: Same place all of us did - VFS. We were all there at approximately the same time, thanks to Ian’s Time Machine … but we are not at liberty to discuss that.

Channel Frederator: Who or what has influenced your work the most?

Tammy: Classmates & instructors. The Group “By the Beard of Moose” is named after Moose Pagan, our instructor at VFS.

Ian: Nature and Jim Henson.

Tzanko: The Bolshevik Revolution.

Bill: Hans Bacher, Glen Vilppu, Renaissance masters, Super Dave.

Michelle: It’s an odd mix of Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, Disney, and Dr. Suess.

Choom: Procrastination and the impending sense of doom that inevitably follows.


Channel Frederator: What gave you the idea for this film?

Tammy: It was a group effort for the competition.

Michelle: We had a weekend, “fantasy” genre, and office supplies assigned to us to work with - put us in a room with Redbull + those aforementioned factors for 2 days and this is what happens…

Ian: Time constraints.

Tzanko: The Bolshevik Revolution! No, actually the shaping of the idea was a pretty collaborative process. At the end it was Choom’s writing on the wall that made it all come together.

Choom: Too much caffeine, too little time and a serendipitous slip of the pen.

Bill: The Bible.

The aptly titled track “Epic” by the Vancouver based group Plastic Acid also really helped the final film come together. We owe them BIG thanks for giving us permission to use their music on REALLY short notice!! Our plan B was to record ourselves singing, so thankfully we spared ourselves (and our audience) that ordeal.

Channel Frederator: Are you working on anything new you’d like to discuss?

Michelle: As a group I don’t think we have anything new in the works yet - but it would be rad one day to collaborate on something that takes more than 2 days to do from start to finish -

Choom: - and has a budget of more than $50.

Tammy: Just some freelance work, nothing fancy for now.

Ian: Yes, a Time Machine. No I would not like to discuss it.

Tzanko: A Bolshevik Revolution?

Bill: Rendering boxes in a three dimensional space, and yes I’d love to! First I draw a box then I shade one side of it. Sometimes if I’m feeling really creative I draw two together.

Channel Frederator: Who or what is your arch-nemesis?

Tammy: Newton & Murphy and their F%@$ing Laws.

Ian: Kenny G.

Tzanko: Time.

Michelle: Umm… ET? He used to scare the bejeezies out of me - I think that’s as close to arch-nemesis as it gets. Maybe Scudworth. No, no: Miley Cyrus!

Choom: The lack of caffeine.

Bill: Being that I’m such a Flash Gordon fan, I’d have to say the Mighty Ming.

Thanks, guys!

You can check out By the Beard of Moose’s film “The Pen Is Mightier” right here on Channel Frederator!

-Bailee DesRocher

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