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Machinima Music Madness

April 16th, 2009

I’m a big fan of the music of Jonathan Coulton, a musician who actually encourages people to make their own video versions of his songs. (For example, there was this contest to create a video for “I Feel Fantastic”.)

A guy who goes by the name Spiff has created a slew of these videos using World of Warcraft. His Machinima videos (that’s animation made using video games) are very entertaining. He also has a page on his site with detailed explanations of how to make them—featuring two methods: easy and hard.

Here’s an interview with the man himself from Nerdabout New York (a Discovery Channel blog).

The video above is for the song “Codemonkey”. After the jump, his latest: “Tom Cruise Crazy”.

—Anne D. Bernstein

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