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Pixar: The house of sequels?

June 9th, 2009

dead horse

“I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things.” - Walt Disney

Jim Hill Media has reported that Pixar has no less than three sequels in the works. In addition to Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, Pixar is in the beginning phases of Monsters Inc 2.

First off, I don’t believe the first Toy Story warranted a sequel. Yes, the film was good, and the Sarah McLaughlin montage was a tear jerker, but did Buzz and Woody REALLY need a sequel? What more of their story needs to be told? Who will lose their arm in the third film?

I thought that Cars was the weakest film in the Pixar library thus far, but the sheer amount of Matchbox sized toys sold to date has got to be enough to buy a small island. I didn’t really feel for any of the characters in the first film, so maybe they can strengthen the characters on the second go round?

I think that Monsters Inc has had one of the strongest endings of the Pixar films. The story wrapped up nicely with Sulley getting control of the plant, Boo returning home, and Randall getting banished to the trailer in the Bayou. I’m not sure a sequel can do justice to the first film without weakening it. Additionally, how much longer will people care about characters in Pixar films if you know there will be a sequel? Now, maybe I’m wrong and the new Monsters Inc will be based on the GM/Auto industry failings and somehow turn out awesome. Sequels make me nervous though. For every sequel like  Terminator 2, there are a dozen films like Weekend At Bernie’s II. 

I know it’s “show business”, not “show art”, and both Dreamworks and Blue Sky have their own beaten horses (Shrek and Ice Age), but should Pixar try to be the better studio? How much of this is Pixar wanting to do a sequel, and how much is Disney demanding a sequel? I would much rather see the studios work on new material. What do you think?

-Floyd Bishop

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