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Javier Lopez Duprey

July 23rd, 2009


Just in time for ComiCon, Javier Lopez Duprey gives Channel Frederator “Trigger Happy” - a short and sweet short about a good guy gone bad.

Channel Frederator: Where did you get the idea for “Trigger Happy”?

Javier Lopez Duprey: I got the idea while I was in the middle of the superhero craze. I was wondering when the next Spiderman or Batman would be coming out and I immediately thought that it would be great to do something related to superheroes. Then I thought about how I could tell a different story than that which I have already seen. So I came up with a world that required heroes to be licensed and a main character that wanted to be good, but could not help being bad.

CF: What was your favorite part of making the film?

JLD: My favorite part had to be animating the film. Coming up with how the gun would move and how the character would express himself.


CF: What has influenced your style the most?

JLD: Well definitely stuff like The Incredibles and the snappiness of Looney Tunes animation. Also, Willem Defoe. He’s a great actor and really good in evil roles. I would imagine my character as a sort of caricature of him.

CF: What are your superpowers?

JLD: I am more flexible than any guy my height and build should ever be. It freaks people out when they see a short stocky dude curl up into a pretzel.

CF: Who is your arch-nemesis?

JLD: The internet, the greatest distraction on earth. But I really do love it. All heroes secretly love their Arch Nemesis right?

Yep! Thanks for the interview, Javier!

You can get your superhero on with “Trigger Happy” right here on Channel Frederator.

-Bailee DesRocher

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