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Mike Scott - Makin’ em Laugh

August 11th, 2009


Happy Fatties is home to a slew of animated sketch comedy series from Mike Scott. Here he gives us the lowdown on junk food, comedy, and what he’s working on now.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Mike Scott: Well, the short answer to this is that I never studied animation. I originally went to school for video and film production and ended up finding that animation was best suited for me to express my comedic ideas. Much like in any art form, when you find yourself in it, you want to learn more. So since the time I started working in the medium, I’ve studied animation in the comfort of my own home, mostly while wearing footy-pajamas.

CF: You have about a million films. What are your sources of inspiration?

MS: You’re close in your estimation. The number of pieces I’ve made is actually just under a million, more than Disney, Warner Brothers, Hannah Barbera, Fleischer Studios, and Ruby Spears combined.

The inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Ideas can come from just a funny name or word, setting, or a reaction to a real-life experience. But mostly, it comes from the ridiculous nature of the human race. Reading news articles seems to help get creative waters flowing if there’s ever any need for inspiration.


CF: Are you working on anything new you can tell us about?

MS: There’s always something new. Currently am working on a second episode of “Let’s Fix You with Dr. Deel” (a cartoon where people write in with their problems and the good doctor answers as best - or worst - as he can), a piece in which survivors (chickens) of the first days of Colonel Sanders are interviewed about their remembrances of the time, another in which a woman tries to get a refund on her teenage son from the baby dealership she originally purchased him from because he didn’t turn out like she thought he would, and one cartoon for Christmas that involves Santa and Mrs. Claus trying to have a baby. So there’s a few items on the plate being worked on.

CF: Favorite artery clogging food?

MS: Everything’s artery-clogging, isn’t it? I’ll go with a good calzone, loaded with ricotta, sausage, a little mozzarella, and some thick, chunky-style marinara to dip it in. Possibly covered in chocolate syrup.

CF: Favorite uh… healthy food?

MS: I have no perception on what’s healthy anymore. How’s Lucky Charms? Is that healthy? That has oats and all those vitamins and minerals they advertise on the box, so there’s gotta be more good than bad going on there, right?

Right! Thanks for the interview, Mike!

You can check out Mike’s film “Eat Healthy, Kids!” right here on Channel Frederator!

-Bailee DesRocher

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