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Channel Frederator’s Terms of Use

October 16th, 2009


I know it might not seem so, but I’ve always tried to make sure that we listen to what you’ve got to say about Channel Frederator. It’s why the Terms of Use page ends with:

“If you have ideas for how to improve these Terms of Use, please share them with us. Our user community is always changing and the Terms of Use should evolve as appropriate to accommodate the community.”

The other thing about me is that I can be kind of a flake about things, doing too much and paying attention too little. Recently, you’ve pointed out that the legalese in our Terms of Use sounded scary. And when I looked into it, I realized that I’d let it get that way. That stinks, and I’m very sorry.

So, we wanted to change the Terms of Use, which gives me a chance to clear up a few things.

* Channel Frederator has never and does not claim ownership rights to your user submission or any elements or characters contained in the work. You own all rights to your animation and it’s characters. We don’t have any interest in, and we will not produce works based on your characters.

* Our agreement is non-exclusive, as always. Meaning, you can share your animation anywhere. Not just with us. All we ask is for the non-exclusive right to share the cartoon throughout our various distribution websites (,, etc.) We will not use your submission in any other way without your expressed permission.

Our updated terms of use can be found at:

If you have any comments or concerns, please let me and the whole Channel Frederator crew know.


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