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“Psychotown” with Dave Carter

December 18th, 2009


Dave Carter, the awesome Aussie animator that brought us this week’s Cartoon Hangover ‘toon, tells us about his series “Psychotown”, his favorite drink, and his favorite diss.

Channel Frederator: What gave you the idea for “Psychotown”?

Dave Carter: I’ve always been a fan of sketch comedy and wanted to mix it with animation. It’s little problematic making it work because part of the appeal of watching Monty Python or Saturday Night Live was that you’d see John Cleese or Will Ferrell play a knight in one skit and a proctologist in the next. In animation, once you draw them in different costumes, they’re different people. It’s no longer a show but a series of short films. With Psychotown I used a shoe-box as a stage set as the ‘reoccurring element’, to bridge each episodes together. But big props to Mike Judge’s Animation Show, it was their commission that allow me to develop it beyond the first 3 ‘experiments’.

CF: I like the paper cut-out style so much! You use it in a lot of your work - do you tend to favor that over other media? Why?

DC: Terry Gilliam is a big inspiration and the anarchy and rawness of paper cutout really drew me in because it was in sync with lot of my ideas. But I’m believer in using the best appropriate technique to convey a story, so I don’t feel that I’m bound to paper cutouts forever. It’s kinda happening already because my next bunch of projects won’t be cutouts.

CF: The gentlemen who do the voice-over for “Psychotown” are part of a comedy troupe - The Nice Guys. Are the scenes scripted or do they improvise the dialogue?


DC: The Nice Guys do the occasional ’second take’ to try a different line, but most of it is performed verbatim. The Gimp sketch was originally performed on stage and even a live action version was shot, so it went through a gradual refinement process. It’s so pure now you could inject it in your eyeballs.

CF: How did you begin working with them?

DC: The Nice Guys originally formed as a campus comedy team and I was the guy illustrating and designing their posters. We bonded together after many destructive cast parties.

CF: Are you working on anything new you can tell us about?

DC: Right now I’m shooting my first claymation, which is about weight loss. Paper cutout could never do the topic justice. Animating, in general is a great weight loss program.

CF: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

DC: I’d drink anything fermented or spiked but I wouldn’t still be here if not for Bloody Marys.

CF: Marry me! I mean, yes, Bloody Marys are great.

What is your favorite curse word?

DC: My sister wrote “You F*ckwit” on a VHS tape after I taped over Ferris Bueller. For my first swear word, it touched me deeply.

CF: Best insult you’ve ever heard?

DC: Nothing beats Wesley Snipes’ in White Men Can’t Jump, “I seen your mother kicking a can down the street. I said ‘What you doin’?’ and she said ‘Moving’”.

CF: Ha! Nice. Thanks for the interview, Dave!

Check out “Psychotown: The Gimp” this week on Cartoon Hangover!

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