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Cartoon Hangover Quickie with DJ Timbo

March 10th, 2010


DJ Timbo, LA’s Animated DJ, is responsible for the down and dirty tale of a Vegas romp gone bonkers in “The Olsen Twins Song”, animated by Kelly Loftus. Here he schools me on DJ terminology and let’s us know why animated music videos are the best.

Cartoon Hangover: Who are your favorite artists (music, animation, or otherwise)?

DJ Timbo: Mick Jagger, Beck, Beastie Boys, The Doors, Royksopp, Andy Warhol.

CH: What is your favorite song?

DJ T: Bob Marley “Jammin.” A classic.

CH: It’s so silly and dirty - what gave you the idea for “The Olsen Twins Song”?

DJ T: I had a dream. A very wet dream.

LOL. Seriously though, originally it was two songs. One about the Olsen Twins and the other a Vegas themed escapade. I combined them both because everybody loves Vegas. All guys fantasize about threesomes. Put that together with twin famous billionaires, and viola!


CH: I love the “I Dream of Jeanie” sample - what other songs do you use in your work?

DJ T: Technically it’s not a sample. It’s a complete reproduction sound alike. I digress. The beat came from an old school song called “Dream Team in the House” by the LA Dream Team. My influence is vast. I have been a DJ all my life so my music repertoire goes deep.

CH: Man, way to politely school me on DJ talk. :)

Why is “The Olsen Twins Song” better as an animated video instead of live action?

DJ T: I think it just seemed funnier to me. When I see a cartoon, I immediately prepare to see something funny. Cartoons also remind me of when I was a child. Life was simpler then. With modern media focusing so much attention on the Kardashians, The Hilton and Pamela Anderson live action sextapes, I wanted to show the absurdity of it all.

CH: Are you working on anything new / any upcoming gigs you can tell us about?
DJ T: Yes. My next release is a song called “Robot Love.” It’s about a guy who falls in love with a sex doll. The song has been done for almost two years. Still trying to figure out how to make the music video. Maybe one of your viewers has some ideas.

CH: I bet they could come up with something… Favorite alcoholic beverage?

DJ T: Red wine with dinner. Vodka tonic when clubbing.

CH: Favorite swear?

DJ T: F*ck.

CH: Yeah, it is! Thanks for the interview!

Check out “The Olsen Twins Song” right here on Cartoon Hangover!

-Bailee DesRocher

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