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Mighty Fudge!!!

March 26th, 2010


This weeks Cartoon Hangover joint is from Patrick and Kimberly Mallek at Mighty Fudge Studios. Because of the nature of the film, and the increasing number of children tooling around the Channel Frederator blog, I will be *ing anything that might seem… unseemly. Below is an interview with Patrick about the Schoolhouse Rock-ish “My First B*ner”

Cartoon Hangover: Where did you study animation, if at all?

Patrick Mallek: In a van down by the r*ver.

CH: What gave you the idea for “My First B*ner”?

PM: I w*ke up with it. No. Seriously.

CH: “My First B*ner” is credited to you and your w*fe, Kim - is it weird working on b*ner cartoons with your spouse or is it business as usual?

PM: Animated b*ners, crime solving str*ppers, talking gen*talia. Just another day’s work here at Mighty Fudge.

CH: Why is the Sun $%*king a cigar?

PM: I wanted him to look like a creepy pervert, but since he didn’t have legs, I couldn’t draw him without p*nts.

CH: Are you working on anything new you can tell us about?

PM: Well, I’m working on a theory that Pi is really zero, but you’re probably talking about animation.

We’re working on three new shorts including the third installment of our Magnetic Squirrel series. We’ll be back on the festival circuit with a new batch of f*lms next year.

CH: What’s your favorite swear?

PM: Mighty Fudge!


CH: Your favorite drink?

PM: Most anything… as long as there is Rum in it.

CH: Awesome. *

You can watch “My First B*ner” right here on Cartoon Hangover, provided you’re an adult and don’t mind cartoon w*eners.

-Bailee DesRocher

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