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Drinking & Drawing Miami: Numero Dos!

April 2nd, 2010

Woo! Happy Friday, cartoon friends. Cartoon Hangover features Drinking and Drawing Miami: 2 this week - sponsored by Frederator and the Miami World Cinema Center. It’s produced by Patrick De Bokay and Spence Morin. Here, Spence gives us a little insight into how it all went down and when it’s coming up next.

The event has actually inspired a lot of venues to approach me to do D and Ds at their event, but in allegiance to Fred and the venue (the News Lounge) I’ve stayed put with it. I have been generating other riffs off of the idea such as stop-mo go which would essentially be animation of people in front of a green screen acting crazy via a live capture technique. Here’s the link to the one we did for the Borscht Film Festival, a festival I co-founded and a project that the Miami World Cinema Center funds and produces!

We don’t normally screw around that much at work, but what can I say? Animation is just that powerful.

At the Drinking and Drawing Miami: 2 event, probably the key story for me happened in the last round. There was a duo in one of the spots (of which there are 8) of a boy and a girl. The boy did a pretty cool animation of a Marshmallow Puff Vampire with an alien popping out of his stomach. The girl was so sloshed that she started to draw dicks in random positions on every frame the guy slaved over. According to her friend she was smoked out, had a bottle of absinthe and numerous shots….. Ye Gawds. After she drew the dicks, she laughed so hard that she walloped out of her chair to the shiny marble floor so hard the whole restaurant stopped and stared.

Lord almighty, I’ll never forget it….. And my goal is to make that happen again…. And take her car keys away. The girl didn’t drive that night.

Hopefully that’ll be happening again April 29th at the News Lounge @ the 55th Street Station here in Downtown Miami around 8pm.

- Spence Morin

The mission of Miami World Cinema Center Animation is to enhance and stimulate the local animation community, reintroducing the old school techniques of animation to battle the local and global excess of CGI/motion graphics, and to put Miami back in the animation spotlight for the first time since the Fleischer Studios (or the Paramount Pictures Animation Studios) were around, circa 1971. For more information visit

-Bailee DesRocher

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