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“Chair Amie” with Pierre Adrien

April 17th, 2010


Pierre Adrien is the creator of this week’s featured Cartoon Hangover film, “Chair Amie”, a nightmarish take on the ‘morning after’. The film has incited extreme responses from CH viewers and understandably so - it is graphic, raw, surreal and frightening. Read on to learn more about Pierre and be sure to check out his blog and take a look at his sketches and concept art. A-stonishing stuff.

Cartoon Hangover: Where did you study animation?

Pierre Adrien: In the school Emile Cohl, in Lyon (France)

CH: Who are your favorite artists?


Filmmakers : Bill Plympton, David Cronenberg
Illustrators : Stéphane Blanquet, Moebius, Lee Conklin
Painter : Jerome Bosch, Francis Bacon

CH: What gave you the idea for “Chair Amie”?

PA: The influence of my favorite artists and my dependence on my coffee maker.


CH: What techniques did you use to animate it?

PA: I used the traditional techniques (papers and pencil), and then the software Photshop and After Effect for the colorization and the special effects.

CH: Are you working on anything new you can tell us about?

PA: I am working on several personal animated projects (a short-movie about the changes caused by aging and a music video about the life of Ned Kelly, the last bushranger).


CH: What is the worst date you’ve ever had?

PA: The morning when I woke up in the streets of Madrid, lost, without money, not able to speak Spanish, after a night heavy drinking…

CH: Favorite drink?

PA: Belgian beer

CH: Favorite swear?

PA: Baltringue… (pronunciation : baaaltring)

CH: You watch your mouth! I kid. I don’t know what that means.

Thanks for the interview, Pierre. You can watch “Chair Amie” right here on Cartoon Hangover. If you can stomach it :)

-Bailee DesRocher

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