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“Fantasia” premieres (and it’s my birthday)

November 14th, 2008

On this day in 1940, Walt Disney’s 3rd feature film, “Fantasia” premieres at New York’s Broadway Theater (formerly known as the Colony where Steamboat Willie debuted). The film introduces stereophonic sound to the motion picture via a special sound system dubbed “Fantasound”.

November 13th is also my birthday. I’m 33 today: 16 on the left, and 17 on the right.

 -Floyd Bishop

Images of BURN•E

November 12th, 2008


Pixar Planet has posted some images from the short film “BURN•E”, directed by Angus Maclane, who served as supervising animator on “WALL•E”. The film will be included on the “WALL•E” DVD and Blu Ray release on November 18th.

On a related note, check out the Lego WALL•E that Angus made for Brickfest 2007. Hopefully the Disney and Lego people get together and make some kits like this.

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Walter, Walter, Everywhere…

November 6th, 2008


This morning’s New York Times has an article about the Disney “lifestyle brand” which highlights couture clothing, chandeliers, and $1200 fountains pens–with many of the products totally devoid of Disney cartoon characters or even abstract Mickey ears. Dresses are inspired by the colors in Fantasia; pens are modeled after the “window architecture” in Alice in Wonderland.

As a fan of Mid-Century modern design, I do covet some pieces in the Walt Disney Signature Furniture Collection by Drexel, with names like “Storytellers Sofa” and “Scriptwriter Ottoman”. There’s a “Studio Martini Table” perhaps inspired by our hard-drinking animation heroes of the past. I’m not naming names.

After the jump, some Disney-inspired products not officially sanctioned. (Found among the endless listing on a certain crafty online marketplace site.) [Read more…]

Disney’s Skeleton Animation Reuse

October 30th, 2008

In Disney’s 1929 Silly Symphony “The Skeleton Dance”, we see several skeletons dancing around in a graveyard. This cartoon was quite popular, and was the first cartoon to use non-post-sync sound.

The cartoon was so well received that ten years later, Mickey Mouse was trapped in a haunted house, playing music for a group of dancing skeletons.  This cartoon was “Haunted House”. It reused many bits from “The Skeleton Dance”, many of which were the exact same drawings, frame for frame.

-Floyd Bishop

Sleeping Beauty and Eyvind Earle

October 21st, 2008

sleepingThere is a piece on “Sleeping Beauty” over at the Art of Disney Animation blog.  The post includes lots of art from the film’s artistic director Eyvind Earle. [Read more…]

“Bolt” chase sequence

October 19th, 2008

This new clip from Disney’s “Bolt” is looking pretty nice. There have been layoffs at Disney recently, but it looks and sounds as though the work on the film is top notch. Hopefully the artists are all employed again real soon.

“Bolt” opens November 21st.

-Floyd Bishop

Three of the top ten “tear jerker” films are animated

October 13th, 2008

tear jerker poll

The Daily Mail is running a story about the top ten “tear jerker” films of all time. I thought it was interesting that three of the top ten films listed were animated, with two in the top three, and an animated film took the top spot.

What’s your “tear jerker” cartoon moment?

-Floyd Bishop

“Sleeping Beauty” on Blu Ray

September 21st, 2008

Disney will be releasing “Sleeping Beauty” on Blu Ray disc in October. The title will also be available on DVD.

In production from 1951 until the end of 1958, this film set a record for the longest production schedule in the studio’s history. This record was later tied by “The Black Cauldron”. Featuring elaborate backgrounds and a much more angular character design, this film was initially no favorite of critics.

While the film seems to drag in some spots, it gives us perhaps one of the best villains in animation, Maleficant.

Maleficant is pure evil, from here color scheme, to her voice by Eleanor Audley (also the voice of Madame Leota in the Haunted Mansion), and animation by Marc Davis. In my opinion, the film is worth the purchase price just to see her in action in HD.

-Floyd Bishop

Rare Marc Davis art from “Pirates of the Caribbean”

September 8th, 2008

Marc Davis pirate

It gets harder and harder each year to find artwork that you may not have seen before by your favorite artists from the past. Over at his Disney and More blog, Alain Littaye has posted several pieces by Marc Davis. Alain explains that tthe reason these are so rare is that many of them show ideas for the attreaction that were never used. At any rate, they are a great find.

-Floyd Bishop

Swell Cels

September 4th, 2008


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