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“Replacement Dog” with Casey Safron and Garrett Koeppicus

April 8th, 2010


“Replacement Dog” comes to Channel Frederator this week from Casey Safron, supreme ruler and creator of Animation Block Party, and Garrett Koeppicus, who you might remember as the voice of the little frog in Chris Conforti’s “Frog” on Cartoon Hangover. Below, Casey and Garrett tell us more about the film, and what they’re up to next.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Garrett Koeppicus: School of Visual Arts, 2002 - 2006.

Casey Safron: I was an American Studies major at Brandeis University, but drew the comic for my college paper and then started learning animation at an NYC studio called the Ink Tank at my first post grad job.

CF: Where are you making people study animation now?

GK: As far as I know, KC or myself aren’t making anyone study animation. I would hate to make anyone study anything they didn’t want to.

CS: I have been managing the School of Visual Arts BFA Animation Department since [Read more…]

“The Head” With Dante Zaballa & Matias Vigliano

March 29th, 2010


“The Head” by Dante Zaballa and Matias Vigliano is a trippy tribute to old-school ‘toons! Here, Dante speaks on behalf of the creative duo and tells us a little more about the film.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Dante Zaballa: Matias came from the motion graphics land, he studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, and I studied traditional animation in Club Cartoon, also in BA. This video came from the crazy idea of making a piece of hand drawn cartoon without knowing how to face all the problems on the way, all made by ourselves and always on the rush… we’re really happy to finally have made it!

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Cartoon Hangover Quickie with DJ Timbo

March 10th, 2010


DJ Timbo, LA’s Animated DJ, is responsible for the down and dirty tale of a Vegas romp gone bonkers in “The Olsen Twins Song”, animated by Kelly Loftus. Here he schools me on DJ terminology and let’s us know why animated music videos are the best.

Cartoon Hangover: Who are your favorite artists (music, animation, or otherwise)?

DJ Timbo: Mick Jagger, Beck, Beastie Boys, The Doors, Royksopp, Andy Warhol.

CH: What is your favorite song?

DJ T: Bob Marley “Jammin.” A classic.

CH: It’s so silly and dirty - what gave you the idea for “The Olsen Twins Song”?

DJ T: I had a dream. A very wet dream.

LOL. Seriously though, originally it was two songs. One about the Olsen Twins and the other a Vegas themed escapade. I combined them both because everybody loves Vegas. All guys fantasize about threesomes. Put that together with twin famous billionaires, and viola!

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Jonathan Katz: Professional Comedian

January 23rd, 2010


Jonathan Katz, star of Comedy Central’s Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist and host of “Hey, We’re Back” took a moment to answer a few of Cartoon Hangover’s questions about his career and his animated short “Death Row Diet.”

Cartoon Hangover: What drew you to comedy initially?

Jonathan Katz: I had no other skills. I tried to tune pianos and I was a flop. I had a band and we were moderately successful. On a good night we made 600 dollars. We never had a good night.

CH: Who was good to you and gave you a lot of encouragement when you first started as a stand up comedian?

JK: Dom Irrera, his ex-wife, Lisa Mende, in her own odd way. Silver Friedman, the owner of the NY Improv. My wife. My wife again. Carol Siskind, a comedian who taught me the trick where you right something down. Carol Leifer, a wonderful comedian, Rita Rudner, Paula Poundstone, but [Read more…]

Mike Salva: Professional Animator

January 23rd, 2010


Mike Salva, animator of “Max the Hero” and this week’s Cartoon Hangover ‘toon “Death Row Diet” gives us some background on his work with comedy and capital punishment.

Cartoon Hangover: How did you become so involved with comedy? I mean, as adorable as animated tragedy is…

Mike Salva: I blame it on nine years of Catholic school. Laughter of any kind was discouraged. And I was there when the nuns weren’t allowed to hit the students anymore, so they started punishing the children with mental cruelty. And by golly, those nuns got to be pretty darn good at it!

CH: Why did you approach Jonathan Katz about animating “Death Row Diet”?

MS: I was a big fan of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. Jonathan had watched a cartoon I had made called “Max the Hero” and we had talked about Jon doing a voice in a future cartoon of mine, but I didn’t have a particular project in mind. [Read more…]

“Pellet Gunn” with Tim Beckhardt

January 15th, 2010


This week Cartoon Hangover features Tim Beckhardt’s “Pellet Gunn”, a black and white salute to indie comics and the dangers of small town boredom.

CH: Where did you study animation/film?

Tim Beckhardt: The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I also took quite a bit of printmaking while I was there.

CH: What gave you the idea for “Pellet Gunn”?

TB: I think the central theme came from growing up in/around run-down towns with not much to do and the schemes (most destructive) you come up with to fight boredom. I had always wanted to do a film with multiple intertwined characters in one location, and the story built progressively from there.

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“Galileo” with Ghislain Avrillon

January 13th, 2010


French animator Ghislain Avrillon’s short film “Galileo” is a bonifide hit with Channel Frederator Fans! Here is a quick interview with the filmmaker about his work.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Ghislain Avrillon: I learned animation and art at the Pivaut School in Nantes (France). My studies lasted 4 years, but only the last two were animation.
Galileo is the result of the last year. Six months of hard personal work.

CF: What gave you the idea for “Galileo”?

GA: I love poetry and the idea of freedom. This mentality orientated my choices for the scenario and graphic world. I heard a beautiful comment about Galileo : “A Modern Icarus”. Icarus has ever been a beautiful dream to me.

CF: What influences your style the most?

GA: Hmmm… I’m very interested in illustrator’s digital work. I want to approach a traditional result with digital tools.

CF: Are you working on anything new you can tell us about?

GA: I’m working on many personal [Read more…]

“Fetal Fury” with Nick Gibbons

January 10th, 2010


Cartoon Hangover has hit it’s stride with some awesome animated comedy courtesy of all of our our excellent contributing artists like Dave Carter, Steve Stark, Mike Geiger and this week animator/writer/comedian Nick Gibbons! Read below to learn more about Nick’s work writing for animation and why girly drinks are just tops.

Cartoon Hangover:You’ve written for several ‘toons (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Boy, Jimmy Neutron) - in what capacity to you contribute (punch up, story, etc)?

Nick Gibbons: For Robotboy I wrote 4 full episodes, as well and an entire episode of Aqua Teen. For Jimmy I wrote several interstitials that were shown in conjunction with the release of the movie. During my stint at Blue Sky Studios I sat in on brainstorming punch-up meetings for Robots, Ice Age 2 and Horton. Punch-up work is a blessing and a curse. If your joke gets in it’s great, however you never get credit. My wife has a [Read more…]

“Without Arms” with Alek Vacura

December 30th, 2009


Freelance animator Alek Vacura’s short film “Without Arms” follows the Venus de Milo’s journey to get her “hands” on some arms. Here, Alek tells us about his process and what’s coming up in 2010.

Channel Frederator: What gave you the idea for “Without Arms”?

Alek Vacura: The idea for Without Arms came to me as I was falling asleep one night. I think some of the best ideas come when you’re not consciously trying to create them. I have always had a fascination with statues, and studied marble sculpture in Italy a few years earlier, so it seemed fitting that my thesis animation would head in that direction.

CF: What was the most challenging part of making it?

AV: Honestly, every aspect was a giant challenge. Before this animation, I had only worked on class exercises and small projects. I had never worked on a project of this scale. Everyone kept calling me crazy for wanting [Read more…]

“Bear-Horse” with Steve Stark

December 29th, 2009


This weeks Cartoon Hangover ‘toon “Bear-Horse” comes to us from Steve Stark. What is a Bear-Horse, you ask? It’s a half human, half horse with bear-like qualities. What is a Steve Stark, you ask? Read about one here!

Cartoon Hangover: Oh my goodness, “Bear-Horse”. Where did that idea come from?

Steve Stark: I saw a picture on the internet of a bear riding a horse. Immediately after starting singing “Bear-horse, Bear-Horse!” with a buddy. Soon after I did the concept picture that’s at the end of the short. Bear-Horse was born.

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