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Tex does Tex: Remakes of cartoons

November 26th, 2008

In 1952, the Tex Avery directed a short Rock-A-Bye Bear premiered. The short, written by Heck Allen and Rich Hogan featured a simple premise: Spike has a job running a house for a hibernating bear, who insists on quiet. Tex was strained by the amount of work, so he left MGM shortly after completing the piece (the film was actually completed in 1950, but not released until two years later due to the backlog of cartoon shorts).  In Tex’s absence, his unit was directed by former Walter Lantz director, Dick Lundy.

Tex returned to MGM in 1951,  where he took back his animation unit. He went on to direct eleven more cartoons. Most of these had a similar look to the UPA cartoons that were gaining popularity at the time. In March 1953, MGM closed down Tex’s unit, believing that 3D films that were quickly taking theaters by storm would end the [Read more…]

Father’s Day charaters: Augie Doggie and Spike

June 15th, 2008

There have been many Hanna Barbera characters with personalities based on famous actors and personalities. The Flintstones had their Honeymooners influences, Jabber Jaw sounded a lot like Curly from the Three Stooges, and Doggie Daddy (from the series of Augie Doggie cartoons) was no different. While he sounds like Jimmy Durante, his character and his relationship with his son are actually borrowed from two earlier Hanna Barbera characters, Spike and Tyke, who were created while they were at MGM. Spike’s son Tyke first appeared in the 1949 short “Love that Pup”.

The main difference (other than breed of dog) would be the character of the son. Spike’s son Tyke is seemingly much younger than Augie, as Tyke cannot speak, only bark. Perhaps the time difference in first appearances would account for the aging of the son? Tyke was created in 1949. If he continued to age in real time, he would be very close [Read more…]