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Leah Shore’s “Meatwaffle”

February 23rd, 2010


“Meatwaffle” is a strange, mixed media animation that has polarized audiences everywhere - from the CF YouTube page to Sundance. Take a look at what the the film’s director, Leah Shore, has to say about her work… plus the heartwarming adjective she invented.

Cartoon Hangover: Where did you study animation?

Leah Shore: I went to RISD for my undergrad and majored in Film, Animation and Video.

CH: Who are your favorite artists?

LS: SOOOO many artists… from off the top of my head - Ralph Steadman, Eric Fishl. Jan Svankmajer, My Mom, Dali,Tom Waits, Matthew Barney, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe. and many many mooore..

CH: What gave you the idea for “Meatwaffle”?

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