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Happy Birthday to Channel Frederator!

November 3rd, 2009

You guys, you guys, you guys… FOUR WHOLE YEARS! That’s right! In this episode we celebrate Channel Frederator’s fourth birthday with a wild bunch of four-second films depicting what Fredbot would do to throw down!

I suggested that he enroll in pre-K, like I did when I was four, but animators have big, sexy imaginations and came up with way better ideas than that. Plus, you get to watch a fab film from animation collective, Vurup. Lucky you!

“Insert Coin”, by Vurup - Super cool, surreal, hand drawn goodness packed into a minute!

“4-Second Fredbots”, Various - A sa-weet tribute to Das Bot (LOL), the one and only Fredbot, from the raddest of the rad: Art Grootfontein, Ben Smallman, Brandon Ray, Ned Wenlock, Niko Anesti, Pedro Eboli, Rich Chapple, Sam Caudill, Steve Stark, Victor Courtright, & Zhivko! Whew!

Animators whose work is shown on regular episodes of Channel Frederator will receive cash! Learn more [Read more…]

We Heart Art… Grootfontein

February 12th, 2009

Art Grootfontein
Art Grootfontein, photo by Stanley Portobello

We featured Art Grootfontein’s film “Snap!shots of the Year” just about a month ago, and already Art has turned right around and given us a cool time-lapse of his Frederator-centric “FredMobile”. We talked about it some.

Channel Frederator: What program are you using during “FredMobile”?

Art Grootfontein: In this case, I’ve directly drawn the sketch on my computer using my graphic tablet in Adobe Photoshop (although I really like to draw with a pencil, I do use a digital pencil-like brush as well… this may sound stupid, but I like it).

All the color/texture stuff was also done in Photoshop. When I’m working on an animation, I usually design my graphic elements in Illustrator and then import them into Flash.

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Channel Frederator Gets a Little Sketchy

February 10th, 2009

Channel Frederator gets down with some traditional 2D, fun flash, and sketchy student projects in this week’s episode. It’s fun to get back to basics sometimes. Suffering through carpal tunnel and severe eye strain from doing thousands of drawings isn’t particularly fun… You just get to kick back and watch this stuff.

Y’know, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so why don’t you show your animator friends some looove for all of their hard work. I know we will. Cue Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”.

Slim Chance, submitted by Aniket Natekar – With his eye on a lady, a young man decides to whip himself into shape. It all goes wonderfully, horribly wrong.

Sketchy Friends Dance, submitted by The Boogley – Boogie down with colorful characters as they get their groove on. Dancing groove, I mean.

Nature, submitted by Steve Kovalesky – What does a bear do in the woods? Aw, don’t be vulgar.

FredMobile, submitted by [Read more…]

The Art of Being Art

January 29th, 2009

Art Grootfontein
Art Grootfontein (photo by Stanley Portobello)

Animator (and Channel Frederator fan!) Art Grootfontein helps ring in ‘09 by glancing back at ‘08 through the eyes of bumbling spyparazzi Stanley Portobello in “Snap!shots of the Year”. Art is a busy cat who digs all kinds of animation… and thanks to us you won’t need a super-spy to tell you that.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Art Grootfontein: I never studied animation… That’s why I only try to add a little move into illustrations! I studied at a French national school of design in Paris, but animation became a real passion a few years after I graduated. Actually, I learned animation watching how “real” animators and directors were doing it themselves.

CF: Who (or what) has influenced your work the most?

AG: There are many… but the biggest for me are John Sutherland, for his elegant fifties touch, Mary Blair for her extraordinary use of color, Saul Bass for his graphic rhythm, [Read more…]