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“Kid Show” with Tom DesLongchamp

November 19th, 2009


Tom DesLongchamp’s short film “Kid Show” is an homage to the wonders of being a kid and his nostalgia for VHS mix-tapes. Here, he gives more insight into the process of developing the film and its characters - plus, he reveals his superpowers.

What gave you the idea for “Kid Show”?

Well, the short answer is that I very much enjoyed childhood, and I was very fond of the childrens shows I grew up with (Mr. Dress up, Fred Penner’s Place, Mr. Rogers, etc.) The detailed answer is that my mother used to record those shows, as well as whatever cartoons were on TV, onto VHS compilations. There were two main tapes that I watched over and over again. They were titled “Kid Shows I” and “Kid Shows II.” These tapes were beautiful collages of stories, commercial blips, out of context scenes, static washes, and silent visuals.

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